Insurance Commission of Western Australia Sponsorship

Belt Up Campaign.

The WACFL has built a strong partnership with the Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA) to promote the Belt Up campaign across WA.

WACFL provides a network of leagues for communities to play in structured competitions.  Many of those who participate in the leagues fall into the high risk categories for car crashes. Therefore, safety on country roads continues to be a major issue and challenge for country communities across the state. 

Funding provided to the WACFL from the ICWA has been used to promote the Belt Up message across all leagues and clubs. In addition, vital funds are distributed to the leagues to assist in the continuation of country leagues. 

The objectives of the Belt Up campaign are to:

  • Promote public awareness about prevention of motor vehicle crashes; and
  • Educate the community on how to sustain fewer and less serious injuries when involved in motor vehicle craches, leading to fewer insurance claims incurring lower costs.

To spread the Belt Up message all leagues take part in the Belt Up round which includes Belt Up branded footballs, advertising campaigns and Belt Up signage and promotional materials. 

The sponsorship will continue to see the Belt Up message partnered side by side with the WACFL through the benefits and exposure created across the entire State.

You can read more about the Insurance Commission of Western Australia and the Belt Up campaign here


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