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Umpiring Fundamentals – Guide for Umpires, Umpire Coaches and Club Umpires

A Duty of Care to players is a key role of the umpire.

Always Protect the Players Head:

Pay All high tackles
Protect player with head down over the ball - that’s when their neck/head is vulnerable - any high contact is a free kick
Protect players who have disposed of the ball (late tackle)
All shepherds must be within play and not contact head
A player shepherding has a right to protection too!

A Duty of Care

·        Always stop play if play is heading towards an injured player (even before a stretcher is called)

·        If two/more players yellow/red carded ensure they go off separately to avoid fights on way to boundary line

·        Umpires must keep a distance (five metres plus) when escorting players

On Field

Pre and Post Match - If you pay a solid high tackle, get in to incident and firmly but politely caution player to keep tackles down, ideally keep side on to play, 20 metres from play
Be 40 metres from fellow field umpire
Use clear voice, few words, but concise
Build rapport by awarding correct free kicks (use AFL community website)
Communicate firmly but fairly (listen, respond to players who  properly question why a decision was made) 

·        Look like a professional umpire

·        Get to match venue with time to prepare

·        Shake hands with coach on the field pre match

·        Paperwork completed thoroughly, keeping fairest and best votes confidential

WAFC Consultants

In addition to the WACFL staff, local WAFC full time regional staff are available in relation to umpiring.

For any further umpire information, please contact the WAFC Umpire Department on 9381 5599.


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